Decorating the Home for Christmas

(28 November 2003)

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Tuesday 25th November saw a packed Community Room at the Library Complex in High Road, Cookham to see Molly Hurley's talk and demonstration on Decorating the Home for Christmas.  Molly, who arranges the flowers for Holy Trinity in Cookham, does not often give talks, so this was a rare opportunity for people to come and hear her.

Molly addresses a packed house

Molly produced a selection of different arrangements using both fresh and artificial flowers. She did a wreaths for the door one of which could also be used as a table centre and another was in the shape of a knocker, she did mantelpiece decorations and table decorations some using just fresh flowers, others all dried and others mixed.  All along she gave little snippets of information like 'Don't just stick in the flowers, you need to build up your arrangement' and always cut carnations just above the nodule to allow them to last longer as they can draw up the water more easily. She also suggested places where both fresh and artificial flowers could be bought and which gave best value for money. She also showed different types of containers and using jars filled with coloured beads or stones to brighten up the arrangement.

Some of the decorations

After the demonstration everyone was able to chat over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.  Also Molly very kindly allowed two of her decorations to be raffled. Geoffrey Cubley the Treasurer thanked Molly and presented her with a Muscat Liqueur to drink while admiring her Christmas decorations.

One of the Lucky Raffle Prize Winners

The general consensus was that the demonstration was outstanding and that the Community Room was an ideal venue for talks such as this.  Everyone left fired up to try and produce their own flower decorations for Christmas.

Lynda Mallett models one of Molly's Christmas Wreaths