Anniversary Dinner 28 January 2003

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Tuesday 28th January 2003 was the South Chilterns Group of Gardening Which's 6th Anniversary dinner. This was held at the Bell in Chartridge. Everyone met for pre-dinner drinks in the bar and then sat down for a three course dinner. The tables were colourfully decorated and there was an excellent choice of menu. We had the whole of the restaurant area to ourselves.

Three Course Dinner

Following dinner and coffee, Helen Turner had arranged her ever popular gardening quiz. Extra points were offered for the team that was the fastest in replying, but they had to get at least thirty right answers. This led to some interesting strategies.

Marian Hoffmeister suggests a possible answer

The questions seemed extremely hard, but one could give a guess, which led to great amusement and noise. Marian Hoffmeister's team managed to come in fastest with the questions. However the final score was the winners were Richard Gold's team with 18.5 correct answers and Marion's team with 18, so no one got the extra points for being first.

The winning team

After presenting the prizes, a large bunch of flowers was given to Helen Turner for organising such a fun evening and for all the hard work that she had done in thinking up yet another exciting and amusing gardening quiz.

Marian presents Helen with a bouquet of flowers