Talk on Clematis - 28 February 2003

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On Friday 28th February Mike Brown from the International Clematis Society came to talk to us about clematis. He had brought a selection along including some he had sown from seed.

Clematis grown from seed

Mike initially talked about the different types of clematis, pruning and also pests and diseases, from clematis wilt to the lava of the ghost moth, which he had actually brought along to show us. This produced a few 'Aghhs' from the audience.

Mike Brown shows the lava of the ghost moth

Mike then went on to show a myriad of slides of various clematis. The types and colours were breathtaking. From the small New Zealand clematis which was less than a foot high to rambling Montanas. Some liking sun, some good in shade, some with small flowers and others with enormous double flowers. He gave advice on which were more resistant. He said the popular c. perle d'azur could be replaced with the newer c. Prince Charles, which although smaller gave a much better result. After the talk there were questions from the audience on particular problems encountered with clematis, followed by a raffle with two clematis donated by Mike.

Finally Mike offered us clematis seed for sale. These had been packeted and grouped into various types of clematis.

An extremely enjoyable and informative evening.

Seeds for sale