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Plants in a Chiltern Garden

(20 November 2007)

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On Tuesday 20 November the SCG had an outstandingly good talk from Jolyon Lea entitled Plants in a Chiltern Garden.  As usual the talk took place at the Cookham Dean WI Hall, one of the hallís main advantages being that it has a large white wall one end of the room, which can be used as a screen for slides. Jolyon apologised for his old slide projector, which did not always behave itself, but this did not detract from the magnificent slides that were full of colour. 

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Jolyon Lea

He had taken the photos over the years of plants in his garden in Little Chalfont, his speciality being alpines. He showed a large number of plants, and made everyone feel that they should go home and give it a go. Jolyon opens his gardens every year for the Yellow Book. He has some large greenhouses with a mass of tiny plants, many of the plants are tender and do not like frost or strong sun, so do need protection. As some of the plants can be difficult to look after Jolyon had lost several, although he always tried to take cuttings or seeds to ensure he did not lose them altogether.  It is hoped that the SCG will be making a visit to his gardens later on this year, it should be a wonderful experience as he had an enormous knowledge of plants gained from many years of gardening in the Chilterns.