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2007 AGM at Chenies Manor

(16 August 2007)

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It was the 11th AGM of the South Chilterns Group and everyone met at Chenies Manor at six o'clock for a look around the gardens, although some were busy in the kitchen preparing supper for the attendees.

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The Food Organisers

There was a glass of wine for everyone and the weather had stayed sunny in spite of a few downfalls earlier on in the day.  The gardens were magnificent and the house is steeped in history although there was no time to actually visit the house everyone could have a walk around the gardens. The house was built by the same group of men who built Hampton Court for Henry VIII. In fact Henry brought two of his wives to Chenies Manor and also Elizabeth I stayed there.  There is also a secret chamber and hiding places with a tunnel leading into the woods.


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A Tudor Home

The house is surrounded by magnificent gardens.  There are herbaceous borders, a white garden, a Tudor sunken garden, a physic garden displaying a collection of medicinal and culinary herbs, two mazes, a fountain court and a parterre. There is also a Victorian style kitchen garden. It was a lovely time of year to visit as the summer flowers were out and the topiary was looking green and lush. Favourite colours seemed to be white with pinks, pale blues and lavenders, which gives a very tranquil touch. Everyone was rahter fascinated by the owners dog who decided to dive into a box bush and gave the impression of being headless.




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The Garden and a Headless Dog

After the walk round the gardens with a glass of wine, there was supper. This was the most amazing spread. The dishes had been brought by members and the standard of cuisine was outstanding. It was a cold buffet with amazing salads and many people were surprised to find that there were some mouth watering puddings as well. Helen Turner had done a fantastic job at organising the evening.




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Wine and Supper

Supper was followed by coffee and the AGM along with a raffle. Elizabeth Macleod Matthews, whose home it is, was presented with a thank you present for allowing us the use of the facilities for the AGM. At the end many people said what a fun evening it had been, not at all like the usual idea of an AGM.


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Thank You, AGM and the Raffle