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Anniversary Dinner 2013 Amersham

28 January 2013

The Anniversary Dinner this year was held at the Boot and Slipper in Amersham. We had our own room with an olde worlde look.
There were only sixteen of us, but that did not deter from the enjoyment. We all sat round one table, which made it all very cosy. There was an excellent selection of dishes and a two or three course meal, depending how hungry people were, was offered followed by coffee.
Helen Turner took the opportunity of handing out the Winter newsletter, to reduce the current astronomical postal charges and Carole Selway then took the opportunity of handing out seeds for the trials.
There was a selection of little melons, Inca berries, dahlias, bergamot and asters, all were slightly different from the norm so should be quite exciting to grow. The flowers were so popular Carole ran out of seeds so more are needed to be ordered.

Before the end of the meal Helen was presented with a lovely orchid for organising the evening. People often underestimate the amount of work that goes into arranging such an evening, what with menu items, times, numbers coming and a myriad of other things that can come up. Helenís organisation resulted in a fantastic evening being had by all.