Anniversary Dinner at the Royal Saracen's Head - 28 January 2006

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Our ninth anniversary dinner since the South Chilterns Group was set up. Doesn't time fly? This one was held at the Royal Saracen's Head in Beaconsfield. It was crowded with people being a Saturday night, but we had an area all to ourselves. We were allowed to choose from the menu rather than ordering in advance, but there was a little hiccup when it was discovered that the price we had paid did not include all the items on the menu.  So everyone had to rethink their choices. 

The meal consisted of three courses. The final course being limited to ice cream. However it was discovered if you shared you could go for the Beefeater Challenge which was an enormous bowl of ice cream, marsh mallow, summer fruits and other goodies.

One table then decided to go in for paper napkins folding and a little training was given by Ray Gathercole who had done it before. Some water lilies were better than others. 

After dinner there was the perennial quiz.  This year it had been designed by the Hoffmeisters so Helen had a rest.

Marian Hoffmeister explains the quiz

The quiz consisted of various parts including photos of houses and gardens visited by the group, general gardening questions and some photos of bugs and garden problems. There were one or two trick questions, such as who asks the questions in Gardeners' Question Time, the answer was not Eric Robson, but the audience!! The winning table managed to get 38 points out of a possible 78 with the next table gaining 30.

The end of the evening and Keith Hoffmeister presented Helen Turner with an hellebore plant for organising yet another wonderful anniversary dinner. Next year is our tenth anniversary so we are looking for a special venue.