SCG AGM 2005

(21 August 2005)

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Sunday 21st August was the SCG's AGM. This year we returned to Chartridge near Chesham and Helen Turner's house and lovely garden.  In the afternoon there was a visit to Pauline's Patch which features in the newsletter. Pauline lives down the road from Helen. One of the highlights was the magnificent tea, with a coffee walnut cake to die for.


This was followed by the actual AGM which was held at the Chartridge Village Hall. There was a turnout of around thirty people and lots of ideas were put forward. At the end of the meeting, Geoff Cubley, our Treasurer, presented Helen with a large bunch of flowers as a thank you for all her organisation.

Helen Admires the Bouquet

The AGM being over it was off to Helen's house for a drink and supper. The Gethin's had brought some plants for sale which were set up on Helen's front lawn

Plants for Sale

There was a magnificent supper which had been organised by Helen and her daughter. There was also a yummy trifle made by Marian Hoffmeister, a tomato salad from Carole Selway and a three bean salad from Liz Kwantes.

A Magnificent Spread

It was a beautiful evening so we were able to sit outside and a couple of bats flew around while we ate. Suddenly there was a very funny noise, like a dragon with a cold. A hot air balloon suddenly appeared and it looked like it was about to land in the garden. In the end it landed in the garden next door. Apparently the oowner had been known to threaten people with a gun if they trespassed. The balloon eventually managed to take off again before anyone got shot.

It Goes Down, a Down, Down..

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and went home happy and full.

Is Carole Camera Shy?